Have you ever left a store and noticed its neighboring businesses are all without power? That’s because the store you were in has a standby generator. A standby generator is a generator supplying backup power to a building that automatically kicks on when there is loss of power and automatically turns off when power returns. This transition happens faultlessly and often times goes unnoticed when inside a store.

A standby generator:

  • Keeps lights on
  • Keeps power running to your hot water heater
  • Keeps refrigerators running
  • Keeps security systems running
  • Keeps all electronics—computers, cash registers running etc

Who Needs Emergency Power?

For some commercial buildings, not having power prevents huge losses and can even be a matter of life and death. Businesses that need are as follows:

Grocery stores – If you think the potential for food spoilage is large in your own home, picture the losses a grocery store could face if refrigeration goes out for several hours.

Government or secure buildings – Imagine if the power went out in a prison where electric door locks flew open. Or in a secure government building where vaults and other secure areas opened by themselves. Generators work to secure government buildings during a power failure.

Hospitals – Just think if a power failure occurred in the middle of a delicate surgery. Or if life support equipment suddenly stopped receiving power. These and other life and death situations would be disastrous in hospital settings without emergency generators. Instantaneous backup systems kick in emergency power without any delay.

Benefits of standby Generators

In addition to providing backup electrical power to your businesses and its electrical devices, a standby generator provides:

Automatic start capability – A generator kick on within seconds after a power outage, whether it’s due to severe weather or other disturbances. With a standby generator, essential functions—emergency lighting, air conditioning, and cooking abilities—are uninterrupted. You and your tenants can simply continue about your day as usual.

Peace of mind – Since they are permanent fixtures, standby generators are impossible to steal. When you factor in the weight of the unit and its connection to your house or commercial property it becomes obvious why a standby generator isn’t a target for theft.

Safety and convenience – With a backup generator, you never have to worry about toxic exhaust because the unit is installed in a safe distance from your business or house.

Sudden power loss can cause big problems in today’s high-tech homes. Whether it’s food spoilage, the failure of critical care equipment, or a loss of security alarms, standby generators can help you keep everything up and running. Generators are being increasingly recognized as specialist emergency equipment, with specialist maintenance requirements. With hands on experience over many years on a wide range of manufacturer's equipment for both the Public and Private sector including both current and obsolete equipment still in service we want to make your electrical installations and repairs as easy as possible. We dedicate our time and services to having our electricians and technicians accessible to you at a point of need. Which is why our service men and women frequently travel local neighborhoods and are on call during emergencies to ensure comfort and safety. Call us today to speak to one of master electricians about any and all electrical needs.


Both generators and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems are made to use as a backup system when your original power source is interrupted but there is a huge difference between the two. Generators are used as a temporary power source that can keep you operational during a power outage. 
There are many different types of generators on the market so finding the best one for your particular business is rather easy. It will depend on the type of business you have, the size of your facility and how much equipment you have.Generators and UPS systems work together to protect your equipment so you can keep your business running smoothly.UPS systems provide a backup power supply that keeps your office equipment running without interruptions and they protect your systems against power surges. At Three Boses Botswana we do the following: agriculture supplies, printed matter and articles, medical supplies, ICT & telecommunications supplies, domestic supplies, industrial supplies, office equipment supplies, food products and beverages supplies, building materials supplies, petroleum supplies and chemical supplies.

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